Planning and Development

Land use planning enables the County to establish both long- and short-term goals and objectives for growth and development, while considering social, economic, and environmental factors.

The planning department provides professional land use planning recommendations to Council, committees, and member municipalities including:

  • Implementing and updating the County of Frontenac Official Plan
  • Processing applications for amendments to the County of Frontenac Official Plan
  • Approving township Official Plans and processing applications for amendments to township Official Plans
  • Processing applications for plans of subdivision, condominium, and part lot control
  • Conducting regional studies in support of the County Official Plan
  • Providing expert testimony before the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT)

The County of Frontenac also performs planning services for the Township of Frontenac Islands, the Township of Central Frontenac, and the Township of North Frontenac. Please visit the respective township website for more information including the township Official Plan and zoning bylaw, and applications for minor variances and consents (severances, lot additions, and easements). 

For more information on County planning policies or for inquiries related to purchasing property or planning for a business, please review the information below.

County of Frontenac Official Plan 

The County of Frontenac Official Plan creates the framework for guiding land use changes in the County to 2034 by protecting and managing the natural environment, directing and influencing growth patterns, and facilitating the vision of the County as expressed through its residents. The Official Plan was adopted by County Council in 2014 and approved by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing on January 11, 2016. The Plan is focused on the six themes: economic sustainability, growth management, community building, housing and social services, heritage and culture, and environmental sustainability. The plan is amended from time to time to reflect changes in provincial regulations and to ensure the document continues to reflect the needs of the region.

All planning decisions in the County must conform to the County of Frontenac Official Plan.

To learn more about studies that have been completed in support of the Official Plan, please refer to Studies, Plans and Reports.

Planning for a Business in Frontenac

Are you interested in starting or relocating a business in Frontenac County? Perhaps you already have a home based business and are looking to expand and grow into a larger commercial enterprise. Whatever your vision, it is important to understand the land use planning regulations that will impact your business.
The first step is to determine the type of business in which you are interested, either a home based business, or a commercial or industrial property separate from your place of residence. Please refer to the Planning for a Business in Frontenac document for more information on the different types of businesses, important considerations, and for additional resources.

Purchasing Property in Frontenac

Are you interested in purchasing property in Frontenac County? There are many aspects to consider when purchasing property including where you are interested in living and what type of activities you wish to pursue on the property. Key considerations include understanding the type of property you are purchasing, how the property will be accessed, and the availability of water and sewage services. It is also important to understand the policies in the Official Plan that may affect the property and the specific regulations (rules) in the Zoning Bylaw. For instance, the zoning of the property states how property may be used, where buildings and structures can be located, and general provisions impacting all properties in the Township.
Please refer to the Purchasing a Property in Frontenac document for more information. 


Documents available upon request by completing document request form here. If you require in accessible format please let us know.