Maps and GIS

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a way to handle and display information through digital maps. Local governments use GIS to manage and update property information, keep track of assets and to help plan and make important decisions.

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Interactive mapping

The County of Frontenac offers many options for finding your way or finding map based information. Our Frontenac Maps portal offers interactive mapping tools that enable you to explore the County of Frontenac like never before. You can search streets, addresses, and places of interest. You can view your property and find information about local services and features. It can help to answer questions you may have about specific areas or topics.

Map gallery and custom mapping

In addition to the interactive mapping you can also view our map gallery where you can download and print ready to use maps. The County of Frontenac also provides custom mapping services for unique and challenging projects. Whether you are looking for a simple map of your property to hang on the wall or a more detailed map we may be able to help. To discuss potential projects you can get in touch with our GIS staff via the contact us pane on this page.