Frontenac K&P Trail

The K&P Trail is a 180-km multi-use recreational rail trail that connects downtown Kingston to the Town of Renfrew where it intersects with the Ottawa Valley Recreational Trail. Frontenac County owns and operates the 90 km stretch referred to as the "Frontenac K&P Trail" from KM 21 where the City of Kingston borders with the Township of South Frontenac, to KM 110 near Wilbur where the Township of North Frontenac borders Lanark County.

The Frontenac K&P Trail is a fully developed stone dust rail-trail with stops in the communities of Sharbot Lake, Godfrey, Verona, and Harrowsmith along the way. The trail support year-round recreational activities such as cycling, walking, hiking, horseback riding, ATV use*, and snowmobiling. The trail intersects with the Tay-Havelock Trail in Central Frontenac and the Cataraqui Trail in South Frontenac, and together the three trails form the Trans Canada Trail route through Frontenac County.

*Note: ATV use is only permitted north of Bellrock Road in the village of Verona.

Cyclists on the K&P Trail

 Trail Maps

  1. KM 0 to KM 9: Kingston Urban Trail
  2. KM 9 to KM 21: Kingston Rural Trail
  3. KM 21 to KM 32: Orser Road to Harrowsmith
  4. KM 32 to KM 40: Harrowsmith to Verona
  5. KM 40 to KM 52: Verona to Hinchinbrooke Station
  6. KM 52 to KM 63: Hinchinbrooke Station to Tichborne
  7. KM 63 to KM 77: Tichborne to Sharbot Lake
  8. KM 77 to KM 90: Sharbot Lake to Clarendon Station

Full maps package (KM 0 - KM 90)


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