Frontenac Paramedic Services


Simulation Lab Training

Patient simulation is an important part of training at Frontenac Paramedic Services. Using our state-of-the-art Mobile Simulation Lab, paramedics have an opportunity to practice realistic scenarios in a controlled environment. The Sim Lab allows paramedics to learn new skills, practice procedures performed infrequently, and enhance communication skills and teamwork in a safe environment with no risk to a patient.

Emergency vehicle side images of paramedic attending to simulated person

A unique feature of the simulation training program at FPS is that it is run by paramedics, for paramedics. FPS has trained peer facilitators who take the simulation training on the road to the paramedics in the field. The facilitators are trained to create and present scenarios, operate the equipment and debrief after each scenario in order to enhance learning.

Paramedic working on a computer

Facilitators develop training scenarios based on preferences of paramedics, who are surveyed to determine the types of training scenarios they would like to experience in the Simulation Lab. Objectives are set for each scenario and evaluated during follow-up debriefs.

Paramedic simulating CPR Paramedic examining CPR patient

Paramedic performing CPR on simulated person

Click here to visit YouTube and see our Mobile Simulation Lab in action. This produced was by VIVA Productions.