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Greening Our Service

Our Vehicles


Emergency Vehicle #4353The County of Frontenac Paramedic Services has in total 21 ambulances and emergency response vehicles, 17 of which are equipped with ECO-Run monitoring systems.

ECO-Run monitors system voltage and occupant compartment temperature, and automatically cycles the engine off and on during vehicle idle. The system idle-reduction cycle can reduce vehicle idle times by up to 40%, which lowers fuel consumption, carbon emissions, and general wear on the vehicle's engine. When ECO-Run is engaged, the ignition key may also be removed, leaving the module to run in anti-theft mode.

 Benefits include:

  • Reduce idle times by as much as 40% to lower fuel consumption and costs
  • Reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a greener environment
  • Prevent battery flats
  • Monitor driver behaviour to reduce excessive RPM for additional reduction of fuel consumption
  • Protect vehicles from theft while idling

Hybrid Technology

The County of Frontenac Paramedic Services has three hybrid command vehicles. Hybrid technology offers an enhanced fuel economy rating in normal driving conditions. When the vehicle comes to a stop, its gasoline engine shuts off to conserve fuel and reduce emissions. This improves fuel economy while increasing power.

Our Stations

Robertsville Station is Silver LEED Certified

Robertsville Station 

The Robertsville Ambulance Station, at 15405 Road 509 in North Frontenac Township became operational on Monday June 16, 2014. The opening of the Robertsville Station completed Frontenac County's implementation of the recommendations in the Rural Area Ambulance Service Review, as commissioned by County Council in 2008 and completed by IBI Group in March 2009. The location of the Robertsville station was chosen because the improved access to major roadways will allow for broader geographic coverage to North and Central Frontenac Townships.
The Robertsville Ambulance Station has been awarded the LEED Silver Standard by the Canada Green Building Council.

Sydenham Station is Gold LEED Certified

Solar panel in field Leed Gold Standard Logo - Canada Green Building Council 2012

In 2012, The County of Frontenac's Sydenham Ambulance Station was awarded the LEED Gold Standard by the Canada Green Building Council. This station:

  • is equipped with bike storage and change rooms,
  • uses alternative fuel vehicles,
  • has reduced its site disturbance by protecting open spaces and having a developed footprint,
  • has reduced its water consumption for landscaping by 50% and daily usage by 30%
  • generates renewable energy via solar panels

During construction 75% of waste was diverted from landfill and materials sourced were certified wood and renewable. Click here for more information on LEEDS certifications.

Palace Road

Ambulance StationIn 2009, the Palace Road Ambulance Station was completely renovated with several energy savings features. Some of these include motion-activated lights, ENERGY STAR rated windows, and a heat recovery ventilator system. The station was also fitted with 10 kilowatts of roof-top solar power in 2011.



Our Choices

All stations are equipped with recycling receptacles, environmentally friendly cleaning products and bathroom paper that is sourced from recycled materials. Staff regularly assess service processes, suggesting changes to realize environmental and efficiency improvements.