Frontenac Paramedic Services





Frontenac Paramedic Services have a fleet of 15 Ambulances, which are equipped with an anti-idle function that enables the vehicles to operate from battery power for up to 30 minutes when idling. These Ambulances are 23' long, 100" high, 112" wide, and weigh 13,000 lbs loaded.

Support and Command Vehicles

Emergency Support Unit

 Emergency Support Unit

Frontenac Paramedic Services owns one Emergency Support Unit (ESU) which better equips the service to respond to large scale emergencies, evacuations, and multiple casualty incidents. This vehicle is deployed approximately five times a year, and typically responds to large scale events with the potential for multiple patients.

Supervisor and Command Vehicles

Paramedic Supervisor vehicle in front of court house Emergency Support Vehicles in a parking lot

Supervisor and Command vehicles are each staffed by Primary Care or Advanced Care Supervisors.  These vehicles are equipped with life saving equipment.  These vehicles are an integral component of the daily functions of the leadership team, which is mandated to provide operational management and leadership for paramedics, community and allied services liaison, incident management and contingency emergency response options.


Logistics vehicle

Frontenac Paramedic Services has a logistics vehicle, which is used to restock all stations with medical supplies, linens and cleaning items. In addition the logistics department is in part responsible for facility and building maintenance.