Community Paramedicine

Community Paramedicine is a branch of paramedicine concerned with prevention rather than response. Frontenac Paramedics community paramedics use existing skills to identify or monitor medical issues in patients before they require urgent or emergency care. Community paramedics also collaborate with other health care professionals and representatives from community agencies to help connect patients with needed and best-suited health care and community services.

Our funding model is focused on supporting patients who may be eligible for, or who are awaiting admission to, long-term care. Community paramedicine programs are one way to help vulnerable citizens to remain living at home as long as possible and as independently as possible.

We also offer monthly wellness clinics at various locations throughout Kingston and Frontenac County.

Community Paramedicine goals include:

  • Improving quality of life and well-being
  • Reducing the number of patient exacerbations and crises requiring 911 response
  • Reducing the number of emergency department visits and hospital admissions
  • Collaborating with patients' family doctors to reduce the need for clinic visits
  • Relieving stress for patient family and caregivers
Home visits

Community paramedics may conduct home visits for patients who have called on paramedic services in the past, or who have been referred by their doctor or another community agency. The purpose of these visits is to make sure patients have the help and supports they need while continuing to live at home.

During a home visit, the community paramedic may:

  • Ask about patient health and social conditions
  • Check patient blood pressure
  • Evaluate patient mobility
  • Review medications
  • Identify any hazards in the patient’s home

All personal and health information collected by community paramedics remains private and confidential. Client consent is required before personal information may be shared, or any referral is made, outside of Frontenac Paramedics.

These courtesy visits are intended to ensure patients are healthy and safe.

Community Referrals      

Community paramedics are only one part of a large and interconnected health care and social services system. We can facilitate and refer patients to other agencies, organizations, and individuals to ensure patients are well supported at home. 

To enquire about organizing a Frontenac Paramedics community paramedic home visit, consult your doctor or CLICK HERE to complete and submit our patient referral form.

Wellness clinics

Frontenac Paramedics have worked with system partners to plan and organize wellness clinics across the region since 2014.

Clinic services include checks on blood pressure, pulse, respiration, oxygen saturation, temperature, blood glucose, and body weight. Paramedics are available at clinics to answer patient questions and to connect patients with other community health resources that may be helpful.