Accessing healthcare services

Frontenac Paramedics provide emergency medical response to more than 160,000 residents of Frontenac County and the City of Kingston. We provide emergency patient treatment, transportation, and community paramedicine services under the authority of our single base hospital, Kingston General Hospital/Kingston Health Sciences Centre.

We ask that residents make deliberate choices about seeking medical care so that emergency medical capacity is preserved for those who need it most. We're counting on you to make the right call.

  • Dial 911 for life-threatening emergencies such as cardiac or stroke symptoms, unconsciousness, severe bleeding/trauma.  
  • Dial 211 or visit to find a complete range of non-emergency medical care and social services available to you in your area. 
  • Dial (613) 544-4229 or visit Addiction and Mental Health Services KFLA for 24-hour addiction and mental health crisis support.
  • Ask your primary care physician or apply directly to Frontenac Paramedics to learn if you're eligible for Frontenac Paramedics Community Paramedics program support.


Make the right call