Frontenac Paramedic Services



Frontenac Paramedic Service is a service available to the citizens of The Frontenacs which includes the City of Kingston. Servicing a population of over 150,000, this EMS system responds to approximately 22,000 calls per year and incorporates both Primary and Advanced Care paramedics and EMAs to service the rural and urban environments. The compliment of full, part time and volunteer paramedics utilize 15 ambulances to respond to call requests. Our ambulance service continues to plan and develop for the demand for service provision that is ever increasing.

It remains the overall goal of land ambulance to maintain quality patient care at existing or enhanced levels, while exploring new and innovative ways to meet and exceed legislative standards and improve efficiencies throughout the system.

It is through the combined effort of all those involved with the emergency medical services that we can continue to provide high standards and reassurance to the citizens of Frontenac that quality help is close at hand and ready to respond at all times.


In the years following World War II, emergency transportation to medical facilities for the citizens of the Frontenac County area north of Kingston was sporadic, if available at all.  Communities relied on the funeral directors to provide this service...(more).

Vintage ambulance in front of Kingston Court House                                                New Ambulance in front of Kingston Court House

 This ambulance, a Reo 6, was operated by
Robert J. Reid Funeral parlour in Kingston.  
The Reid establishment has been in business since 1883.  In the early 1900's, their fee for ambulance service was $2.00.
 The ambulances we currenty use are 23 feet long 100 inches high, 112 inches wide and weigh
13,000 lbs loaded