Social Services

The County of Frontenac participates in the development and delivery of the Local Service Realignment (LSR) agreement between the County of Frontenac and the City of Kingston. This agreement ensures fair access to social programs and services.

For complete information regarding social services provided in the County of Frontenac, please visit the City of Kingston's community services.

Housing and Homelessness Reports


Child Care

  • The City of Kingston administers childcare programs in both the County of Frontenac and the City of Kingston.
  • The City of Kingston offers a childcare subsidy program that helps with the cost of licensed childcare if you are the parent, foster parent or legal guardian of a child from birth to 12 years of age and are a resident of the City of Kingston or the County of Frontenac.

Ontario Works

  • The City of Kingston administers Ontario Works on behalf of the County of Frontenac. 
  • The main office of program delivery and administration is located at 362 Montreal Street in Kingston and may be contacted at 613-546-2695.
  • New applicants should call the Kingston office at 613-546-2695 ext. 4980.
  • In addition, in the County of Frontenac, a dedicated case management office is located at Rural Frontenac Community Services in Sharbot Lake. Weekly on-site Ontario Works case management services are also provided in Sydenham. 

Provincial Offences

  • The Provincial Offences Court Administration Office is located at 362 Montreal Street in Kingston.
  • The boundaries of the Court Service area for the Provincial Offences Act (POA) office include the geographic area of the City of Kingston and County of Frontenac.
  • Complete information about the Kingston and Frontenac County Provincial Offences Court is on the City of Kingston's website.

Social Housing

  • The City of Kingston manages the social housing for the City of Kingston and the County of Frontenac.
  • The City of Kingston's Social Housing has further information.
  • Social housing units located in the County of Frontenac include:
  • Loughborough Housing Corporation, a Non-Profit Housing Provider in Sydenham, has two seniors' apartment buildings, "The Maple Ridge" and "The Meadowbrook"
  • North Frontenac Non-Profit Housing in Sharbot Lake
  • Kingston and Frontenac Housing Corporation operates McMullen Manor apartment building in Verona

The Kingston-Frontenac Renovates Program

  • The Consolidated Municipal Service Manager (CMSM), serving the City of Kingston and the County of Frontenac, has committed funds, provided under the Canada Ontario Investment in Affordable Housing (IAH) program, for the creation of a Kingston-Frontenac Renovates Program. 
  • This program provides grants for accessibility projects and interest free forgivable loans to assist homeowners in order to complete emergency repairs to their homes. 
  • Funding for this program is limited, therefore eligibility is restricted to homeowners, whose combined household incomes fall within pre-determined Income Thresholds.
  • Please contact the City of Kingston's Housing Department at 613-546-2695 ext. 4871 if you have questions about the Kingston-Frontenac Renovates Program or download the applicable forms here.

10-Year Housing and Homelessness Plan in the City of Kingston and County of Frontenac

  • In 2011, the new Housing Services Act came into effect, requiring all Service Managers in Ontario to develop a ten-year plan to identify actionable goals related to housing and homelessness.
  • In the summer of 2012, OrgCode Consulting, Inc. was retained to start development on a plan to end homelessness. This plan was used to guide future funding and services related to homelessness. At the same time, the Municipal Housing Strategy was updated to extend its projections to a ten-year timeframe in alignment with the homelessness strategies.
  • The result of this effort is the updated 10-Year Municipal Housing and Homelessness Plan. This plan recognized and builds on the Municipal Housing Strategy, which includes a needs assessment and background information useful for understanding how the recommendations were made.