Virtual Public Meeting Participation Guide

The County of Frontenac is now conducting all Public Meetings virtually through Zoom. Members of the public will still have the ability to watch meeting proceedings and participate, where appropriate, as detailed below.

How to Watch a Meeting

All Council meetings will be streamed live, available at the County of Frontenac Youtube channel.

How to Participate in a Public Meeting

Anyone may participate the public meeting and make a verbal statement, and/or submit comments in writing.

Written Submissions

Residents are encouraged to participate in a meeting by providing written submissions. Please provide submissions and materials in advance of the public meeting by forwarding to the County Clerk at Submission materials are required the week before the scheduled meeting.


Members of the public will also be able to participate in public meetings through Zoom. Interested members of the public may register, by following the registration link included on the notice. Registration will close at the start of the meeting.


To participate in a meeting via telephone, members of the public must register by calling 613-548-9400 ext. 302 and leaving a message with their name and phone number. Registration by phone will close the day prior to the meeting.

How to Ask a Question or Speak during the Public Meeting

Registered members of the public are able to provide comments and ask questions during the public meeting in the same manner as in-person public meetings. The Chair of the meeting will open the floor to public comments – any member of the public who wishes to speak will need to click the “Raise Hand” button to request to speak. The “Raise Hand” button is on the bottom middle of the Zoom meeting screen for those joining by computer/smartphone/tablet. To “Raise Hand” when calling in by telephone, please dial *9 (star nine). Once the Chair recognizes a member of the public, the Meeting Host will unmute the member of the public. Once the member of the public is done speaking or the Council has no further questions, the Meeting Host will mute their microphone.


If you are disconnected from the meeting, please try connecting again. If the entire meeting is disconnected and is not restored within 15 minutes, the meeting shall be deemed to be postponed and staff will contact you about rescheduling your application. A notice will be posted on the County’s social media channels if the meeting is postponed or disconnected for longer than 15 minutes.

Troubleshooting Guide

Where is the “Raise Hand” Button

For those joining by computer/smartphone/tablet, “Raise Hand” button is at the bottom of the screen in the Zoom window. If you are joining by telephone, please dial *9 (star nine).

 Zoom Guide pic 1

How to Leave the Meeting

After the application has been discussed and a decision made, you may leave the meeting at any time. To disconnect, use the “Leave Meeting” button on the bottom left of the screen.

 Zoom guide pic 2

I Can’t Hear the Meeting or the Chair Can’t Hear Me

If the audio is not working, please select “Audio Settings” at the bottom right of the Zoom screen. A dialogue box will appear like the one below. Make sure that the check box outlined below in red “Automatically adjust volume” is selected. If it is not selected, check the box. This will ensure that the volume of your speakers and microphone are adjusted automatically by Zoom.

Zoom Guide pic 3

If clicking the automatically adjust volume button does not improve the volume, manually move the speaker and/or microphone slider button until you can hear the meeting or you can be heard in the meeting.

 Zoom Guide pic 4

If you are connecting via a smartphone and are unable to speak, you will need to permit audio controls for Zoom to access your microphone in the audio settings of the phone.