Studies, Plans and Reports

Accommodation Review and Strategy for Growth

In 2017 Frontenac County procured the services of MDB Insight and Terra Consulting to assist in a review of Accommodation and Tourism assets across the Frontenac Region and to develop a strategy to increase options of places to stay for visitors and tourists.

Age-Friendly Community Action Plan

Asset Management Plan

The 2013 Asset Management Plan serves as a strategic, tactical, and financial document, ensuring the management of the municipal infrastructure follows sound asset management practices and principles, while optimizing available resources and establishing desired levels of service.

Communal Services Study

At the June 2019 Council meeting, the Council for the Corporation of the County of Frontenac approved the Communal Services Study. Communal services are systems that provide water and wastewater treatment to clusters of residences or businesses. The main purpose of the study was to demonstrate that the perceived obstacles - engineering, financial, risk management, planning - are just that, and to equip Frontenac with the tools necessary to enable redevelopment and new development on the basis of communal servicing. Communal servicing has the potential to support more compact, land efficient development than is possible with private servicing, at a lower cost than is possible with centralized municipal services, and enable revitalization of the Frontenac's communities. WSP Consulting was retained to complete the study and employed a team comprised of planners, engineers and financial risk analysts. 


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Destination Development Plan

Frontenac County's Destination Development Plan was approved at Council in April 2022.

The 5-year plan established 4 key priorities for tourism in Frontenac County. The plan was developed in alignment with the Charter for Economic Development. Extensive engagement with the community took place over a year to develop the plan. 


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  • Destination Development Plan
  • Council Report, April 2022


Economic Development Service Delivery Review

Blackline Consulting was contracted in 2020 to conduct a third party review of Economic Development Services provided by the County, in order to evaluate the activities of highest value and to determine the role of the County Economic Development Unit in service delivery alongside partners. 

Based on their observations, the consultant provided four key recommendations based on their observations.  

  1. Recommendation 1: Confirm a clear statement of economic development objectives.
    Being clear and honest about WHY the County should take part in economic development can provide strong guidance when setting priorities.  The consultant observed a broad commitment towards economic development but had difficulty in determining the goals and desired outcomes from undertaking these activities.
  2. Recommendation 2: Have the County focus on activities that support investment attraction to the region.
    The County’s redefined role would focus on coordination, attraction, communities and readying for tourism.  The change in focus suggested, is aimed at having the County focus on elements of economic development that should be considered more regional.  
  3. Recommendation 3: Facilitate Regional Coordination.
    Critical to the role the consultant proposes is close collaboration between County, member municipalities and the CFDC.  As a starting point for formalizing the collaboration, the consultant suggests establishing an economic development working group.   The purpose of the working group would be to bring together the various stakeholders to help ensure alignment on priorities and to share relevant data and information.
  4. Recommendation 4: The County should elevate marketing the trail system.
    Economic Development staff are tasked with maintenance and infrastructure development responsibilities for the K&P Trail.  This consumes significant resources which could be reallocated to capitalize on the trail and its potential for the region or other economic development activities.  The consultant recommends a reallocation of resources with municipal partners to achieve this end.

Download the full report or download the full report in an accessible MS Word format.

Emergency Management 

See the County of Frontenac Emergency Planning and Management page 

Download the Frontenac County Emergency Response Plan

Download the 2023 County of Frontenac Emergency Management Annual Review and Report

Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan

2019 County of Frontenac Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan

Frontenac County Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan

Frontenac County Official Plan

The Frontenac County Official Plan was approved by Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing on January 11, 2016.

Frontenac Corridor Road Needs Study 

Frontenac Corridor Road Needs Study from January 2014.

Frontenac County Trails Master Plan

Frontenac County Trails Master Plan

Frontenac Economic Development Charter

Housing and Homelessness 10-Year Plan

 10 Year Housing Homelessness Plan

Housing and Homelessness Reports

Natural Heritage Study

The Natural Heritage Study is a comprehensive evaluation of natural heritage features such as wetlands, forest cover, and wildlife habitat at a regional scale across the County, and includes the mapping of a connected system of these features. The mapping is accompanied with policy recommendations that can be used by planners to protect significant natural features from development. This comprehensive regional review of natural heritage mapping and policies set a foundation for the natural heritage policies of the first draft of the County Official Plan.

Population, Housing and Employment Projections Study

At the February 2020 County Council meeting, Council received and endorsed the Population, Housing and Employment Projections Study. The purpose of this study was to revise the County’s long-term growth forecasts based on recent demographic and economic trends using the 2016 Census (where available and appropriate) and other relevant data sources. The study, projecting out to 2046, will assist with long-range planning for a variety of departments and organizations.

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The last iteration of the Population, Housing and Employment Projections Study was completed in 2014 and projected to 2036.

Private Roads (Lanes) Study 2016

The purpose of the Private Roads (Lanes) Study 2016 was to undertake a County-wide assessment of the existing private lanes system in the County of Frontenac; to recommend a planning framework that can be used to best manage these lanes; to promote lane improvements, and to provide planning policies for township Official Plans to act as a guide for future development on private lanes.


Regional Roads Study 

Regional Roads Study from February 28, 2011.

Strategic Asset Management Policy

The comprehensive and holistic asset management approach will support efficient and effective delivery of expected levels of service and ensure these practices are applied to the long-term management and stewardship of all municipal infrastructure assets. In addition, the 2019 Strategic Asset Management Policy will align the County with provincial standards and regulations such as the Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act, 2015 and Ontario Regulation 588/17, enabling the organization to take full advantage of available grant funding opportunities.

Strategic Goals Implementation Plan

Created in 2014, the Strategic Goals Implementation Plan included County Council's three goals. The three goals are intended to focus the efforts of Council and administration on projects and outcomes that will address service issues for County residents.

Strategic Plan 2023-2026

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