Our budget is the financial expression of the priorities of our organization.  Respect for the taxpayer is of major importance in budget development for the County of Frontenac.

Our budget is based on the following principles:

  • Transparency: business plans, budget planning and budgets are discussed and approved in open meetings of County Council except as permitted by the Municipal Act
  • Fiduciary responsibility: Council and staff develop and approve budgets that balance the short and long-term needs of the County and our citizens. This difficult balance requires that we use best estimates, likely scenarios and evaluate risk.
  • 2022 Budget
  • 2021 Budget
  • 2020 Budget
  • 2019 Budget
  • 2018 Budget
  • 2017 Budget
  • 2016 Budget
  • 2015 Budget
  • 2014 Budget
  • 2013 Budget
  • 2012 Budget
  • 2011 Budget

Documents available upon request by completing document request form here. If you require in accessible format please let us know.