Information About Other Ferries

The Wolfe Islander III

The Wolfe Islander III is in operation all year and holds approximately 55 cars and 300 passengers per trip. The vessel operates from the Marysville Dock during the summer (from ice out to ice in) and from the Dawson Point Dock during the winter. Low water conditions in the village can cause an earlier departure of the ferry to the winter dock. The crossing time is 20 minutes and is free. For more information call Ministry of Transportation at 613-548-7227.

Horne's Ferry

Horne's Ferry links Wolfe Island to the United States. For information on the Horne's Ferry call 315-783-0638 (New York).

Simcoe Island Ferry

The Simcoe Island Ferry links Wolfe Island to Simcoe Island, operates on demand and seasonally. For more information call Simcoe Island Ferry at 613-385-2997.

Howe Island Foot Ferry

The Howe Island Foot Ferry runs on demand and goes from Howe Island to just west of Gananoque. For more information call the Howe Island Ferry at 613-542-0550.