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Frontenac Howe-Islander Ferry

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RR# 2 Kingston, Ontario
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Buying a Pass

Passengers can purchase annual passes, pass booklets, pre-paid tickets or single fare tickets from 3 locations.  

For more information, please see the Contact(s) tab to the right.

2018 Ferry Pass Application

All passengers are required to purchase appropriate fares, and may be refused passage if they do not.   


Annual pass for a single vehicle


One additional annual pass for a single vehicle per household **


Trailer pass for a island residentwho already possess an annual pass for a single vehicle


One book of 10 discounted tickets sold per pass holder


Two way trip for single vehicle


Two way trip for single vehicle with trailer in tow


Additional charges for annual pass holder with trailer in tow


Two way trip for any heavy vehicle


Replacement fee per annual pass (Charged for every replacement)


Single VehicleDefinitions:

Single vehicle will include a car, motorcycle, van, SUV, pickup truck

Heavy Vehicle

Any vehicle greater than 6000 kgs and/or 7 metres (23 feet)

* These fees will be discounted by 10% for applicants who can show documentation indicating they are 65 years of age or older during 2017.

** A second pass for $63.25 will only be available if the second vehicle involved is registered to:
. The same individual who purchased the first full-price 2017 annual pass
. An individual who is married to or is in a common-law relationship with the full-price 2017 annual pass purchaser
. The dependent child of a full-price 2017 annual pass purchaser or the full-price pass purchaser's married or common-law spouse who is under the age of 18
. The dependent child of a full-price 2017 annual pass purchaser or the full-price pass purchaser's married or common-law spouse who is over the age of 18 only if the dependent child has both the same permanent address as the full-price 2016 annual pass purchaser and is attending school full-time

Documentation must be provided that satisfies the staff personnel issuing the passes.

A third pass at a reduced rate is not available.

Yearly ferry passes are to be purchased by January 15, 2017. Residents passing on the ferry after January 15, 2017 without a valid ferry pass will be charged the regular toll fee until such time as they purchase a pass.

Township of Frontenac Islands' vehicles and vehicles which, through previous notification, the Township of Frontenac Islands identifies as undertaking Township business are exempted.
As directed by County Council, staff shall consider the following when loading the Frontenac-Howe Islander Ferry during the hours of 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. travelling off the Island and the hours of 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. travelling onto the Island (peak periods):

. One "heavy truck", defined with a weight/length combination not to exceed 21 tonnes and 8.5 metres/28 feet, may be loaded during peak periods travelling in the identified directions as long as, in the opinion of on-duty staff, the "heavy truck" can be loaded efficiently and safely onto the ferry with 14 other vehicles or a combination of vehicles and trailers.