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Each year at Fairmount we celebrate special occasions, like National Nurses Week in May, where we pay tribute to all staff at the home.  Whether dietary, housekeeping, laundry, maintenance, programming or administration, all our staff play integral roles in improving the quality of life for our residents.

National Nurses Week 2013

If you wish to work at Fairmount Home you must ensure that:

a)    You will support and promote our Residents’ Rights

b)    You believe in our mission statement

c)    You accept and promote the Gentlecare™ philosophy and will carry it out in your activities on a daily basis

d)    You will not accept abuse, neglect, bullying or harassment – you will report it

e)    You are positive and focus on issues that are within your control

f)     You are prepared to regularly communicate with other staff and departments

g)    You will come to work on a regular basis

h)    You will attend in-services and training opportunities

i)      You will not start or spread rumours or gossip

j)      You are prepared to accept responsibility for your actions

k)    You are committed to becoming an active member of the team

At Fairmount we are a team that strives to fulfill the home’s mission.  

a)    We treat each other with dignity and respect

b)    We praise the accomplishments of each other

c)    We speak kind words to each other

d)    We are encouragers

e)    We see – and speak – the truth

f)     We focus on what’s right and don’t worry about who’s right

g)    We listen to learn

h)    We smile and have a healthy sense of humour

i)      We DO NOT gossip

j)      We expect excellence in all thoughts, words and actions

Our #1 team rule is that we hold each other accountable to live the above!

Our staff were asked why they work at Fairmount.  Their responses included:

Fairmount a wonderful breath of fresh air; caring, gentle approach

Opportunities provided to try different things

Great place; clients and family great; love where I work

Nothing compares to here

I believe it is the best home around

Staff all good to work with; nice place to be


Culture; staff in general; treatment get from staff

Residents & community

Nice country, friendly home – “extended grandmas and grandpas”

One staff noted:  Even if I won the lottery I would still work casual