Visiting a Resident


As always, residents can be contacted via email using our email-a-resident form HERE.

Delivering items for residents:

Items for residents may be delivered to the front door of Fairmount Home from 9-3pm, Monday-Friday.

You make bring items, including home made goods, for your resident when you visit.

Visitation Policy:

Please download and view the Fairmount Home Resident Visitation Policy (R&SS-39 revised 29 June, 2023) by clicking HERE

The Fairmount Home Resident Visitation Policy applies when there are no KFL&A-Public-Health-declared outbreaks within the home and notwithstanding overriding directives in place in the KFL&A public health area. Additional restrictions may be necessary as advised or directed by officials of KFL&A Public Health or the Province of Ontario.