Volunteer and resident playing pool



Quotes from the staff survey of volunteer services.

"Their [volunteers'] presence enhances the lives of the residents, families and staff."

"Ice Cream Social Volunteer & ResidentVolunteer involvement makes the residents happy and gives them extra confidence. The volunteers are always smiling and that makes the residents very happy. It gives them something to look forward to." 

"Volunteers provide residents with a fun filled environment with the friendliest of people!"

"Volunteers mean added capacity to provide meaningful programs to residents while involving the community aspect for Fairmount."

"Volunteers improve the quality of life for residents by allowing the home to provide more programs for the residents - the volunteers can make a difference in the residents' lives just by visiting and listening to them talk - something that staff don't always have time to do." 

Quotes from 2014 volunteer survey when asked, "what is the most rewarding aspect of volunteering at Fairmount Home?"

"The response of the residents always reinforces the importance and usefulness of what I am trying to do."

"Witnessing and learning from the interactions between the caring, skilled staff and the residents.  It is inspiring, and it gives me a heap of confidence, to be myself more and more with residents and staff."

"I love interacting with the residents and they all love music so I enjoy the pleasure this brings them."

"Speaking to and learning about the lives of the residents."

"Smiling faces on residents and staff."