Painting by staff



“When mom passed away, we thought that directing donations to Fairmount Home (or the Auxiliary) would in a small way help pay back some of the kindness and caring shown by staff at the Home towards my mother during her stay there. We knew that the money would be used to further enrich the lives of residents at the home.” – Barry Rogers

According to Sally, they are simply, “paying back what Fairmount has done for them.” Her belief is that “everyone can do something,” and, “if I have put a smile on someone’s face and made someone happy today then that’s what it’s all about. Some day it will be my time to be in a Home, so I guess I’m actually paying ahead because this will be the only place I will go.”

“When my mother Ada Allen passed away it was important to have donations given to Fairmount Home in her memory. Mom was so happy and content in Fairmount Home. She loved the staff and residents and they loved her. She thrived in the environment of care and concern and our family is so grateful that Mother felt so loved and cared for. There was no end of attention given her and she gave attention back which was so wonderful to see her feel so accepted. We will be forever grateful to the staff for the kindness and attention that she received. The music programs were wonderful for her because she just loved music and always had fun whenever music was involved. It made her feel young again even though she was 98 she always managed to get to where the music was playing. We are happy that residents can be looked after in the manner that Mother was… it truly was her home for 5 years…” – Dorothy Barker