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Resident in wheelchair mixing food with handsTherapeutic Recreation (TR) is the use of recreation and leisure experiences to improve or maintain physical, mental, emotional and/or social functioning to assist individuals in expressing positive i ndependent leisure lifestyles. TR is a process using therapy, education and recreation participation to help people with illness, disabilities and other conditions to develop and use their leisure in ways that enhances their health, independence, and well-being. At Fairmount, we offer a variety of recreation opportunities.  We do our best to find something for everyone, and change programming based on needs, interests and the seasons. 

Resident in wheel chair bowlingWhen you are first admitted to Fairmount, a Recreationist will meet with you and/or your family for your Initial Assessment. During this time we do our best to get to know you and find out about your past along with your goals for the future. We appreciate that everyone is unique; we feel Fairmount is unique too!

We encourage active participation by all residents, but realize this isn’t for everyone. If you choose not to participate that is okay. If you would like to see something different happening, let us know, and together we can likely make it work. Remember, this is your home.

A few of our weekly programs include Art Therapy, Choir, Beauty Break, Bingo, Knitting Club, Euchre, Various Music Programs, Pet Therapy, Gardening and Pub. We have regular Crafts, Residents Council, Meal Programs (breakfast, lunch or supper), Community Outings, Baking, Exercises, Outdoor Walks, Intergenerational Programs and many other Special Events that vary with the seasons. Our programs are delivered through one-to-one sessions as well as small and large groups. We are very grateful to have many volunteers who work closely with us to assist and facilitate many of these recreation programs, one-to-one visits and special events.

On each unit, you will find our Activity Boards. These boards show what is going on each day of the week. We also circulate the monthly activity calendars to each resident room and in all of the monthly billing. Activity calendars are also able to be picked up in various places in the home.

Recreation programs are usually offered seven days a week. We strongly encourage residents to have their loved ones join programs; the more the merrier!

“You can learn more about a man in an hour of play than in a lifetime of conversation."

-- Plato