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Our Quality Improvement Plan is the process by which we monitor and improve the quality of our care and services. This written quality improvement plan enables us to identify improvement areas and to monitor our progress and the achievement of our improvement goals.

We choose improvement opportunities through:

  • Recommendations from Accreditation Canada and inspection agencies
  • Areas for improvement identified by care teams and/or staff members
  • Areas identified by residents and families through surveys and the complaints process
  • Areas that are problem-prone or high risk

It is important to us that we communicate our progress in carrying out our quality improvement initiatives. We do so through our special QI bulletin board, in the Grapevine Gazette, on the website and at staff meetings, Residents’ Council meetings and Family Information meetings.

Quality Improvement Information Board

Our QI Board is located in the main hallway leading to the Auditorium, in an easily accessible spot for residents, families and visitors to read. Information on the board is changed frequently, as statistics become available.

Click on the following links for samples displays from some of our QI boards:

Project Charters

Every formal quality improvement initiative requires a project charter. The charter allows the home to formally track its progress towards the quality improvement goal.

Click on the following links for sample project charters on our quality initiatives: