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Fairmount Home is dependent on volunteers to augment the services we offer to residents. Volunteers contribute on average approximately 6,000 hours per year to enhance our residents' quality of life. We recognize that having an annual appreciation plan in place is a key component of our successful volunteer program.

Photo:  Volunteers at the April 2015 Volunteer Appreciation Event.

As such, staff is committed to ensuring recognition of volunteers and ensuring recognition is:

  • Meaningful to the volunteer to whom it is given (i.e., a letter of reference for a youth seeking employment).
  • Given frequently. This can be something as simple as a "thank you" at the end of each task or shift in the café.
  • Delivered on a timely basis following completion of a major achievement.
  • Consistent each year (i.e., recognizing hours of service, accumulated efforts and results).

Each year, staff, residents and volunteers are provided with opportunities to nominate volunteers for special recognition such as the Ontario Volunteer Service Awards for years of service to Fairmount Home.

 Group of volunteers with plaque

On April 14, 2015, one of our volunteers received the "Volunteers Grow Community" award at City Hall.  Maddie Hogan contributed over 800 hours to Fairmount Home in 2014.  Maddie is a true inspiration & a huge part of our Fairmount team.

Photo:  Kym St.Pierre, Volunteer Coordinator and Maddie Hogan at City Hall.