Garden at Fairmount


Compliments and Concerns


We have a formal process at Fairmount Home to provide the opportunity for residents and their representatives to obtain information, raise concerns, lodge complaints and recommend changes. Our objective is to receive input from residents to identify ways to improve their quality of life and to give residents the opportunity to contribute to the operation of the Home.

The Complaints Policy will be shared with you upon admission. We encourage you to bring your complaint forward to staff in a timely manner as it is important that we be aware of your dissatisfaction and have the opportunity to work with you on a solution. Click here for a copy of the Complaint form.


We also have a well utilized compliments procedure. If you would like to compliment a staff member or volunteer you can let us know by giving us a call, sending us an email or completing a compliment form which can be found at the Reception Desk.

When a compliment about a staff member or volunteer is received, a letter from the Administrator is sent to that individual advising them of the compliment and a copy of the letter is retained in their personnel/volunteer file. The compliments are also shared with staff at our general staff meetings. Click here for a copy of the Compliment form.