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Become a Volunteer

Are you looking for a flexible and interesting volunteer experience? Do you believe the elderly have an important contribution to make to society and you'd like to encourage and support them in continuing to do so?  Do you want the flexibility to volunteer weekly, monthly, or even yearly?  Do you want choice in volunteer roles and your level of responsibility?

If you answered yes to these questions Fairmount Home may be the perfect place for you to volunteer!

Each year, more than 100 volunteers of all ages connect with our residents, provide opportunities and activities that truly enhance their lives, and compliment the high quality of care provided by our staff. Volunteers also provide friendly service to staff, residents and guests at our home, working Café shifts in our main lobby.  Our Volunteer Auxiliary is a very active group who work with staff and families to enhance the quality of life for our residents.  Click here to learn more about the Fairmount Auxiliary.

We accept family volunteers, so you can volunteer while spending time and building even closer bonds with your family members. Our minimum age requirement for volunteers is thirteen years of age. However, those under the age of thirteen can volunteer as long as they are supervised by an adult family member who is also a registered volunteer.

High school students who have a particular interest in talking with the elderly and hearing their stories may be accepted as volunteers in order to complete the mandatory forty hour volunteer requirement.

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 How to become a volunteer at Fairmount Home:

  1. Download and complete our Volunteer application form or our Youth Volunteer application form OR Adult volunteers can complete our Volunteer application form online by clicking here.
  2. Contact the Volunteer & Special Events Coordinator to arrange a meeting to discuss your interests, our volunteer needs, and see if there is a fit. Call 613-546-4264, ext. 581 or email us.
  3. Provide an up-to-date Criminal Background Check and Vulnerable Sector Search. You can obtain this through the Kingston Police Force for $25.00 by attending their station at 705 Division Street, Kingston or click here to complete the application online.  If you reside within the Ontario Provincial Police jurisdiction you can obtain it at no cost by attending their station with a letter/form from Fairmount Home confirming your intention to volunteer with us.
  4. Attend an orientation session with the Volunteer & Special Events Coordinator

All new volunteers are paired with staff or an experienced volunteer until they are comfortable and confident working independently.

All volunteer roles have position descriptions which outline volunteer and staff roles and responsibilities.

View a sample volunteer newsletter.

View a sample month of activities volunteers assist with.

Please note: Fairmount Home Volunteers helped with the programs that have been highlighted on this calendar during the month of March, 2013. Programs can change each month so this is just a sample of the types and times of programs offered.

There are endless possibilities for volunteers to share their time, energy and talents. Some of the most popular volunteer opportunities at Fairmount Home include:

  • Working in our Café  Our Café is open Monday - Saturday with volunteer shifts from 8:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. It is also open Sunday from 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Volunteers are responsible for keeping the café area clean, restocking supplies, keeping coffee brewed, serving customers and operating the cash register.
  • One-to-One Visits  The Recreationists will match interested volunteers with residents who are currently choosing to not be involved in group recreation programs, and/or who would benefit from one-to-one visits. Visits may involve activities such as reminiscing, discussing current events, providing emotional support, and assisting a resident in getting outside for a walk. The days and times of these visits are very flexible and are based on the resident's needs and volunteer's availability.
  • Pet Therapy  This program is designed to provide visits between interested residents and a qualified volunteer and their dog to normalize the environment, especially for residents who have been pet owners. It provides an opportunity for enjoyment and unconditional love experienced through interactions with qualified dogs and increases self-esteem and self-worth by providing an opportunity for a positive pet/resident relationships. Research proves Pet Therapy has many health benefits, including reducing blood pressure and stress. The days and times of these visits are very flexible and are based on the volunteer's availability.
  • Beauty Break  Volunteers work together each week to provide residents with the opportunity to have a manicure and socialize with staff, residents and volunteers in a positive small group setting. This structured program enhances residents' self-esteem and aids them in looking and feeling their best. Beauty Break volunteers offer their services on either Tuesday or Wednesday morning with the support of the Recreationist.
  • Bingo  Bingo is conducted in a similar manner as community bingos and residents attend this program to enjoy the anticipation and excitement associated with this game of chance. Each Wednesday afternoon volunteers assist residents in getting to and from the program and provide as much support as individuals require for successful participation.
  • Entertainment  Entertainment programs are held regularly and involve musicians coming in to play for residents, while staff and volunteers encourage resident participation. Volunteers assist interested residents in getting to and from the programs and when appropriate join them in singing and dancing, including wheelchair dancing. These programs happen various days and times and are announced each month on the activity calendar for volunteers to sign up to help with them.
  • Horticulture Programs We are blessed at Fairmount Home to have multiple garden areas, all of which are maintained by residents, Programming staff, and dedicated volunteers. Indoor horticulture programs are also offered throughout the winter months. Volunteers assist with all aspects of our horticulture programs, based on their interests and skill levels. This may include assisting residents in getting to and from the programs; planning and implementation of the activities to be carried out with residents; and/or assisting with garden maintenance independent of resident involvement. The level of commitment for this program is based on the volunteer's availability. Some volunteers help weekly with the structured program for residents, and others volunteer on their own a couple times each summer with more physical tasks like weeding and edging the gardens.
  • Worship Services Every Sunday at 2:00 p.m. worship services are held in the auditorium at Fairmount Home, facilitated by rotating local church groups and organized by the Pastor at Fairmount. Volunteers assist interested residents in getting to and from the service and sit with them during it. This is a regular commitment for volunteers from 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. at least two Sundays per month.
  • Meal/Baking/Dining programs  Volunteers assist the Recreationist in creating enjoyable, meaningful and familiar activities involving food. They assist residents in getting to and from the activity, engage in conversation with residents, and assist them as much as required to participate in the activity the Recreationist has planned. These programs happen various days and times and are announced each month on the activity calendar for volunteers to sign up to help with them.
  • Physical activity programs  Numerous opportunities exist for volunteers to support residents in remaining physically active. This includes games such as carpet bowling and horseshoe toss, indoor and outdoor walks, movement to music and more. These programs happen various days and times and are announced each month on the activity calendar for volunteers to sign up to help with them.

Volunteer opportunities are individualized to suit your interests, skills, and availability.

While a one year time commitment is preferred to allow residents to establish meaningful relationships, we often require extra volunteers for special events.

Please contact the Volunteer and Special Events Coordinator to discuss your individual circumstances.

Phone: 613-546-4264, ext. 581 or click here to email the Volunteer Coordinator .

"Volunteering is the most fundamental act of citizenship and philanthropy in our society. It is offering time, energy and skills of one's own free will. It is an extension of being a good neighbour, transforming a collection of houses into a community, as people become involved in the improvement of their surroundings and choose to help others. By caring and contributing to change, volunteers decrease suffering and disparity, while they gain skills, self-esteem and change their lives. People work to improve the lives of their neighbours and, in return, enhance their own."

- Volunteer Canada