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Auditorium Campaign

TMan presenting a cheque to a residenthe original Fairmount Home Auditorium construction project formally got off the ground with the acceptance of the architectural drawings in October 1972. It was designed to meet the needs and interests of the home’s resident population which was a much more independent and more mobile group in those days. To this day, the original electrical system, heating and cooling systems, and the original flooring are still in place. The flooring lifts away at each cleaning and requires tiles to be glued down regularly. The washrooms are original and fail to meet present accessibility standards. The roof is leaking and the ceiling has begun to crumble as a result. The space itself no longer meets the needs of the residents requiring hearing assistance, lacks bright light by which to see and it is always too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter for resident comfort. While the redevelopment of the rest of Fairmount Home was completed in 2004, the auditorium redevelopment was postponed at that time.

two ladies with feather hatsResident enjoyment of activities in the auditorium is severely impacted and the home is no longer able to offer the auditorium space for resident programming without facing serious challenges.

According to Violet, a Fairmount Home resident who no longer participates in programs offered in the auditorium, “We need more space. The air circulation is unbearable in the summer. There are no windows and I am claustrophobic. The acoustics in the auditorium aren’t good and I can’t take the loud noises.” Violet is not the only one affected by the worsening condition of the auditorium.

Many residents, like Evelyn who uses a wheelchair, can’t join in activities in the small kitchen. Ruth is often frustrated because even if she sits at the front she cannot hear presenters over the noisy ventilation system. Irene has to wear blankets to keep warm in the auditorium in winter because of the poor air system. Normally independent with this task, David needs someone to accompany him into the auditorium bathroom. Because of accessibility issues, he and others cannot use it alone.

And it’s not just residents of Fairmount Home who suffer. Volunteers are often overwhelmed with heat and have to cool off in the hall instead of interacting with residents. The lack of modern amenities makes the space almost impossible for community groups to use.

The Fairmount Auditorium Fundraising Campaign, Building Change Together was a success, raising $200,000 toward the total cost of renovating the auditorium, a project that will modernize the auditorium, transforming it into a community gathering space and activity hub for Fairmount.

Exterior construction

 Exterior construction is underway.

Exterior construction

 Exterior construction is underway.

Exterior construction

 Exterior construction is underway.

exterior construction

 Exterior construction is underway.

Construction Site - Exterior

The fence is up. Construction is underway.

Construction - Interior

Interior view of the demolition.

Interior Constuction

Interior view of the demolition.


Two ladies dressed as bikers with motorcycle Two people dressed as kiss members pointing to sign

Residents and volunteers enjoyed participating in the Building Change Together Campaign Fascinating Kick-Off in September 2012.

Photo: Staff, volunteers and residents have organized many fun filled and successful events to raise money towards a new auditorium at Fairmount Home, including a celebrity server night at Boston Pizza with our own KIZZ band, complete with groupies!

Auditorium entrance with ramp

Propsed new entrance drawing

Current Auditorium Entrance with ramp

Proposed new entrance with a lift

Auditorium Exterior

Proposed new exterior

Current Auditorium exterior

Proposed Auditorium exterior

Auditorium Interior

Proposed new interior image

Current Auditorium interior

Proposed Auditorium interior

In 2012 several residents were asked: “What will the new auditorium mean to you?”Responses included: “That I did a good job asking people to give money in my [kick-off event] speech!”

“Comfort, light, heat, water, a cooling system and bathrooms that we can use!”

“A wonderful addition to the building. We need it and I’m all for it!”

“So much. Comfort. What it’s meant to be – to be used! Now when it’s hot we can’t use it at all.”

“A built in sound system would make it easier for those hard of hearing to follow the programs. The present microphone system is just not helpful to me.”

“Not being so cold, a better sound system, more comfortable, and I could attend more activities because the chairs would also be more comfortable.”

“Right now I want to start backing up before I even get in the room. It’s so dull and bleak I don’t even want to be here. There has to be something brighter.”