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At Fairmount Home, staff practices the Gentlecare philosophy – resident-focused care which empowers residents to make as many choices as possible. Staff knows each resident and responds to their social as well as psychological and physical needs. They put the resident first before the task at hand and acknowledge that risk is a normal part of life. Most importantly, they treat the residents as they would wish to be treated.

This philosophy of care allows individuals to maintain control over whatever aspects of their life that they are able and they are encouraged to make choices in the areas that they still can whether it is when they wake up and have breakfast or when and how they have their bath.

Everyone is treated with dignity and respect. “Doing it their way” transforms the care from an institutionalized style of care where residents are expected to fit into routines and schedules to treating them as people whose individual stories and styles are known and respected.

Being not-for-profit means that 100% of our resources are invested in the interests of the residents.

Built in 1968 on a 100-acre parcel of land in a serene pastoral setting, Fairmount is minutes from all of the acute health care facilities and medical offices within downtown Kingston. Residents and their friends and families enjoy the gardens and the paved walkway that meanders through the forest on our property. Click here for more on Roger Candy Memorial Park.

Fairmount underwent an operational review in 2008, during which consultants stated:

Fairmount truly stands out among long-term care homes, due to its innovation, its initiative and its ability to actually live out the Gentlecare philosophy.We repeatedly heard staff, residents, representatives of their families, the CCAC, the local LHIN and the surrounding community suggest ‘Fairmount Home is a model for long term care’. The Osborne Group agrees with this view.

We provide 24-hour nursing care which incorporates nursing restorative care and have a medical team consisting of physicians and a full-time Nurse Practitioner. We provide support services including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and social work. We also provide recreational activities, dietary, housekeeping & laundry services as well as maintenance and administrative services. Click here for more on the services we provide.

Fairmount is funded through the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care, the South East Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), resident accommodation fees, the City of Kingston, the County of Frontenac and the generous donations from individuals in our community.

Our strategic plan has been created with the cooperation of staff, residents, volunteers, family members and our community partners. Our plan outlines our mission, vision and values and identifies our strategic priorities and desired outcomes. Click here for more on our Strategic Plan.

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