How to get on the Agenda

I want to present to County Council. What do I do?

The protocol for getting items onto the County Council agenda and for making presentations to Council is governed by and described in By-law 2010-0025, Section 16. A summary follows here for your convenience.

Step One: Make a formal request

Anyone who would like to make an oral presentation on matters of fact or to make a request of Council shall give notice and disclose the subject matter to the Clerk not less than ten days preceding the Council Session at which such person desires to be heard.

(Exceptions to the ten days’ notice requirement may be approved by the Clerk.)

Step Two: Submit your material

Any person who is scheduled to appear before Council is requested to submit to the Clerk written and/or electronic documentation concerning the presentation not less than seven working days before the Council meeting.

Rules Governing Presentations:

Time Limits

Each presentation shall be limited to not more than a total of fifteen minutes. Extensions to these limits will be at the discretion of the Warden.

Number of Speakers

The number of speakers for one presentation shall be limited to two, unless authorized by Council resolution.

Addressing the Warden

All presenters shall address the Warden and give their name and state whom they represent.

Rules of Behaviour

No presenter will:

  • Speak disrespectfully of any person;
  • Use offensive language;
  • Speak on any subject other than the subject for which he has received approval to address Council;
  • Disobey the rules of procedure or a decision of the Warden or Council.

Click here for the complete By-Law governing meeting procedure.

Members of the public who constitute the audience at a meeting, shall not:

  • Address Council or Committee without permission;
  • Bring signage, placards or banners into such meetings and shall refrain from any activity or behaviour that would affect the Council deliberations.

There is an allotment of time near the end of each Council meeting for questions from the public.

Curtailment of Time

In the event of disorder or any breach of By-law 2010-0025, the Warden may curtail any presentation, question period or debate and, if the Warden rules that the deputation is concluded, the person or persons appearing must leave.