Election Process

How are members of County Council chosen?

Members of County Council are indirectly elected – that is to say, they are selected from the directly elected Councils of the four Townships that make up Frontenac County: the Townships of North, Central, South and Frontenac Islands.

Historically, County Council was comprised of four members – the Mayor of each member Township. In 2010, Council was expanded to eight members and now includes two Councillors from each Township – the Mayor and another Councillor. Township Councils are responsible for selecting their second County Council representative. County Council decides the appointment of Warden and Deputy Warden.

Upper and Lower Tier – what does it mean?

In Frontenac County, the local Township Councils make up the ‘lower-tier’ and the Council of the County of Frontenac is the ‘upper-tier’.

In many rural regions is it more efficient to provide certain services over a more regional area covering more than one local municipality (i.e., land use planning, economic development, emergency services, etc.). This is the foundation for the County level of government.

In some areas of Ontario there is only one level of local government and these areas are referred to as ‘single-tier’ municipalities.