What is County Council’s relationship with other local boards and agencies?

Ontario’s local government includes an array of local agencies, boards and commissions – special purpose bodies established to oversee the delivery of a specific service, or a limited number of related services.

Local boards are funded by the public through municipal and/or provincial taxes or through monies collected as user fees. The annual budget for the County of Frontenac includes monetary transfers to a number of local boards.

Though they operate at a local level, they often have mandates and standards set out by the province. Local boards are comprised of community members and Councillors from member municipalities.

Councillors of the County of Frontenac hold active seats on a number of local boards, including:

  • Kingston Frontenac Library Board
  • KFL&A Public Health Board
  • Frontenac Rural Urban Liaison Advisory Committee
  • Algonquin Land Claim Municipal Advisory Board
  • Frontenac County Youth Justice Advisory Committee
  • Housing and Homelessness Committee
  • Rideau Corridor Landscape Steering Committee