Seniors Housing Task Force


Members of the Committee will work to ensure that there is a comprehensive understanding of affordable housing and appropriate forms of housing in the County of Frontenac as it relates to seniors housing, with a mandate to:

  • To engage and consult with the local citizens to ensure local issues are brought forward to the Task Force;
  • Provide information and advice to Council on seniors housing;
  • Provide advice regarding the implementation of the Municipal Housing Strategy for the City of Kingston and the County of Frontenac with respect to the need for more affordable housing options for seniors living in the Frontenacs;
  • Provide advice regarding the Seniors Housing Pilot Project Study carried out by the County of Frontenac in 2012 which provided detailed research and background information to assist in developing seniors housing pilot projects;
  • Provide advice regarding the draft County Official Plan regarding the regional housing policies that support new seniors housing projects;

Composition of the Committee

The County of Frontenac Seniors Housing Task Force is comprised of four members -- three members of County Council and one Township Council representative -- as follows:

Seniors Housing Task Force Membership  
Member of County Council who sits on the City of Kingston Housing and Homelessness Advisory Committee Councillor John McDougall
One additional member of County Council Councillor Tom Dewey
The Mayor of the Township in which the housing matter is being considered

Denis Doyle (A)

Ron Vandewal (A)

Frances Smith (A)

Ron Higgins (A)

One Township Council representative in which the housing matter is being considered

Councillor Wayne Grant (A) FI

Councillor Pat Barr (A) SF

Councillor Vernon Hermer (A) NF

Councillor Bill McDonald (A) CF

(A) – Means alternate and will attend only if meeting is concerning their respective Township.