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Integrated Community Sustainability Planning: Directions for Our Future

Directions for Our Future is the product of ongoing research and consultation regarding the desires for a sustainable future throughout the County of Frontenac.

The County covers a large geographic area and sustainability-focused planning acts as a unifying mechanism to ensure all its elements are considered in decision making. There are four pillars of sustainability focused upon throughout the planning process: social, cultural, economic and environmental. A County-wide approach towards planning for a sustainable future ensures communities work together with the Townships and the County to achieve efficient and positive results - even fifty years into the future.

This project is facilitated by the County of Frontenac and has been supported by all four Townships as well as local, provincial and federal governments and organizations, community groups, lake associations and engaged residents. The ongoing commitment towards a sustainable future depends on continued support and community buy-in, hence there will be an annual gathering to celebrate and discuss achievements and goals. A tremendous amount of effort continues to focus on introducing, educating and sharing the principles of sustainability with as many seasonal and permanent residents and stakeholders as possible. 

Values and principles of sustainability are key drivers behind this project. A strong set of community values and principles from all four pillars has been created with input from hundreds of stakeholders. These values and principles contribute towards the development of the project's vision:County of Frontenac - Fresh With Opportunity: Growing Vibrant, Innovative, Natural, Sustainable Places.The vision was established over a period of two years to ensure the preservation, appreciation and continuous improvements of the unique systems throughout the region. The vision positions the Frontenacs as one of the most progressive rural municipalities in terms of community-based sustainability planning.

To implement and realize the vision of a healthy, prosperous and sustainable future, thirteen Focus Areas were recognized as valuable and important in the consideration and development of sustainability policies, programs and projects in the Frontenacs. Each pillar of sustainability closely relates to each Focus Area.

A thoughtful and well-rounded approach to monitoring the effectiveness of suggested projects and their contribution to a sustainable County is also a priority. The use of a set of custom-tailored indicators has been developed to assess the effectiveness and extent of County-wide sustainability for each Focus Area.

Ongoing engagement and communication with seasonal and year-round stakeholders across the Frontenacs is critical to sustainable and long-term planning. Therefore, a commitment to continuously facilitating open paths of communication in order to ensure the long-term success, community support and excitement for the plan is an important part of the program. Contacting the project team with questions, comments and suggestions is encouraged and public involvement will continue to grow throughout the life of this project.