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Director of Planning and Economic Development

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Land Use Planning


Land Use Planning is an important process that helps to guide growth and development in municipalities, protecting important environmental and cultural resources while ensuring a healthy economic and social future for residents. Land Use Planning at the County of Frontenac incorporates these principles as part of the Sustainability group.

Long range policy planning is an important role the County plays in the Frontenacs. The County adopted its Official Plan (OP) in October 2014 and it was approved by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing in January of 2016. The OP looks at long range and cross-boundary issues that will affect the future of the region. The County has also undertaken other regional studies such as the Natural Heritage Study and Population and Employment Projections.

The County of Frontenac is the approval authority for plans of subdivision, plans of condominium, part lot control applications and OP amendments in the four Townships. County planning staff process these applications and review comments from agencies and members of the public, ensuring efficient, cost-effective development and land use patterns are observed in accordance with Township Official Plans, Zoning By-laws, the 2014 Provincial Policy Statement, and other applicable legislation. Once applications have gone through the review process, County staff make recommendations to County Council for draft and final approval of the plans.

The County also performs planning services for the Township of Frontenac Islands, the Township of Central Frontenac and the Township of North Frontenac. Please visit the Township websites for more information on applications for Township official plan and zoning by-laws amendments, severances, and minor variances.