Human Resources

Welcome to the County of Frontenac's Human Resources department. Here we provide an overview of our HR management process and policies designed to achieve and maintain organizational effectiveness.

Our human resource management is concentrated in five major areas: (1) strategic analysis, (2) planning, (3) staffing, (4) employee development, and (5) employee maintenance - providing employees with satisfactory pay, benefits, and working conditions.

Our ongoing responsibilities, within this department, include:

  • Staffing (Recruiting, Selection, Orientation)
  • Job Analysis (Defining job requirements - skills, experience, training)
  • Compensation (Developing and administering pay policies)
  • Benefits (Administering compensation other than direct pay)
  • Performance Appraisals (Administering the assessment of employee performance)
  • Labour Relations (Managing the collective agreement process)
  • Policy & Procedures (Developing and maintaining HR policies)
  • Employee Records (Maintaining complete, accurate, and up-to-date employee files)