How Can I Get Involved?

To achieve sustainable communities we all must play a part. There may be more going on in your community than you realize. If you’ve identified an area or issue that you feel particularly interested in or passionate about, you can check out our Community Partners page or take a look in the ‘Current Sustainable Actions and Initiatives’ section of Sustainable Actions 2012, where we annually publish a list of groups and organizations that are already active in the area.

If you have a specific interest but do not see an existing group or you simply wish to start your own initiative, you may be able to become a Community Partner in your own right. To begin, it is often best to spread the word, informally and formally, to try and collect a group of like-minded people. One option is to make a presentation to the County’s Sustainability Advisory Committee. This group keeps up-to-date on ongoing local actions and has a wealth of sustainability-related knowledge across the pillars. Contact Alison Vandervelde, Communications Officer by phone at 613-548-9400 ext 305 or by email if you are interested in getting in touch with, or learning more about, the Sustainability Advisory Committee.

The County has set a target to formalize five new Community Partnership Agreements by the 2013 Spring Celebration Breakfast, with another five for announcement and celebration at the 2013 Fall Workshop. The details and relevant documents establishing partnerships between community groups and the County of Frontenac can be found in Sustainable Actions 2012.