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10-Year Housing & Homelessness Plan in the City of Kingston and County of Frontenac

In 2011, the new Housing Services Act came into effect, requiring all Service Managers in Ontario to develop a ten-year plan to identify objectives and targets related to housing and homelessness, as well as actions proposed to meet those objectives.

The City of Kingston, as the Service Manager for the City and the County of Frontenac, had a Municipal Housing Strategy approved by City Council in July 2011 but it did not include an official plan to address homelessness. Thus, in summer 2012, OrgCode Consulting, Inc. was retained to commence development on a local plan to end homelessness, which would be used to guide future funding and service orientation related to homelessness services. Concurrently, the Municipal Housing Strategy was updated to extend the projections to a ten-year horizon and to bring it into alignment with the homelessness strategies.

The result of this effort is the updated 10-Year Municipal Housing & Homelessness Plan which was approved by City Council on December 17th 2013. This Plan recognizes and builds on the existing Municipal Housing Strategy (2011). The original MHS is not required to read, understand, or implement the strategies and recommendations identified in this document. However, the Municipal Housing Strategy includes a needs assessment and other important background information useful for understanding how the recommendations in this document were developed.

Click here for the 10-Year Housing and Homeslessness Plan.

Click here for the 2013 Report on Housing and Homelessness in the City of Kingston & County of Frontenac.

Municipal Housing Strategy for the City of Kingston and County of Frontenac

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Seniors Community Housing Pilot Project Study

The County of Frontenac is experiencing a shift in the distribution of the age of its population. An analysis of population trends showed that the number of residents aged 55 years and over has increased from 22% of the total population in 1981 to 30% in 2006. This trend is expected to continue into the future with the aging of the baby boomers.

Studies have shown that the majority of seniors would like to age in place in their own homes or, at least, in their own communities close to family and friends. The County of Frontenac Seniors Community Housing Pilot Project was undertaken as a response to the aging population and the desire to plan for the future in a more sustainable way. The study helps to provide a better understanding of the housing needs of local seniors and the opportunities that may exist to address these needs.

Summary Report

Existing Conditions Report

Housing Options Analysis

Policy Framework Analysis

Implementation Report

Presentation to Council (October 17, 2012)

Population, Housing and Employment Projections for the Frontenacs 2011-2036

The County of Frontenac has released population, housing, and employment projections for the future of the County and Townships from 2011 to 2036. The projections were undertaken by Watson & Associates Economists Limited, one of Canada's leading economic consulting firms, and were presented to County Council at its June 18, 2014 meeting. The projections were an update of a previous study complete in 2011. Watson will also be providing the County with a model that can be used to create future projections and adjust to future changes in housing demand and demographics.

Click here to access the report: Population, Housing and Employment Projections for the Frontenacs in PDF format.

Click here to access the 2011 report