Greening Our Community

The natural environment sets the stage on which we live our daily lives. While we are dependent on it, we have also developed the ability to affect the natural environment to an unprecedented extent. Such abilities confer a responsibility to act as good stewards of the land and water and to ensure that our actions today do not result in a diminished natural world for our children and our children’s children.

As part of the County’s efforts to develop its first ever Official Plan, a Natural Heritage Study, completed in 2012, catalogued the various natural elements in Frontenac County. This document provides the necessary data to enable us to make more informed land-use planning decisions. Click here for more on the Natural Heritage Study.

The abundance of naturally-occurring freshwater lakes in this area is a hallmark of the County and the increasing popularity of lake-side dwellings poses a challenge for the healthy continuation of these vital ecosystems. Local municipal initiatives have focused on septic systems and assistance has been provided to a number of lake associations to develop lake management plans. If you live on a lake in Frontenac County and your lake does not yet have a lake stewardship plan, please consider getting involved to create one.

There are a number of ongoing environmentally-focused projects in Frontenac County. Click here for more on the projects that are progressing the environmental pillar of sustainability.