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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


GIS refers to a variety of computer-based systems that manage, manipulate, and analyze geographically-referenced data. Local governments have used GIS for years to manage and update property information, emergency operations, infrastructure, and environmental resources.

Interactive Mapping

The County of Frontenac offers an online interactive mapping application that provides the opportunity to explore the Frontenacs like never before. A key goal of web-based interactive maps is to provide geographic information that you can use to make more informed decisions. It can help to answer questions about specific areas or topics that involve geographic dimensions. Designed with non-expert users in mind, this service provides access to a variety of useful tools and extensive geographic information. Access interactive mapping through

Custom Mapping

The County of Frontenac provides custom mapping services for unique and challenging projects.

GIS Map - Sydenham Point

Click here for Schedule A to By-law No. 2017-0003, which outlines the fees for GIS mapping services. To discuss potential GIS projects, contact Kevin Farrell, GIS Specialist at 613-548-9400 ext 351 or by email.

Example of Available Mapping Layers

Road Network

Lots and Concessions

Points of Interest

Property Lines

Water Bodies




Building Footprints

Aerial Imagery




May 2014

Visit for the before and after photos of projects completed through the Verona Community Improvement Plan. The Township of South Frontenac adopted a community improvement plan (CIP) for the village of Verona in 2011. To date, $50,341.84 in grants for 22 projects have been approved with a total value of $709,453. Projects aligned with the goals of the plan, to: improve community safety, improve community appearance and amenities, and improve building condition and land use.

April 2014 - Frontenac County Awarded Best Public Sector GIS by URISA

Frontenac County was awarded gold in the category of Best Public Sector GIS by the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association-Ontario (URISA). GIS is used every day by the County to create efficiencies for Frontenac Paramedic Services, planning, economic development and emergency management and by the Townships to support the needs of planning, building, recreation and public works. The award from URISA recognizes the County's use of GIS in improving effectiveness and efficiency of its operations, in providing better services and user-friendly information to its citizens and in controlling costs through cost sharing with its four Townships.

March 2014 - Featured Applications Accessible on any DeviceScreen shot of Frontenac K&P Trail Tour

In March 2014 the County GIS department began launching new featured mapping applications accessible through the Frontenac Maps portal. These interactive applications allow users to access valuable mapping information on any device, including computers, tablets and smart phones. Check out the virtual tour of the Frontenac K&P Trail:

March 2013 - New Look Website with New Content

In March 2013 the Frontenac Maps website launched a new look with more features and new content. The site showcases featured maps and a new map gallery from which users can download and print ready-to-use maps at home. These include proximity maps, points of interest maps, directional maps and more. New and improved content was added to the interactive mapping sites. Improved aerial imagery allows users to zoom in closer and see the County like never before.

November 2011 - GIS Day at the County of Frontenac

On Wednesday, November 16th, 2011 the County of Frontenac celebrated GIS day at its monthly County Council meeting. A presentation highlighted the importance of GIS and geographical awareness.

December 2010 - is launched

Available to the general public and municipal staff, the interactive web mapping application provides users access to a wealth of geographical information about the County of Frontenac.

August 2010 - County of Frontenac obtains DRAPE Imagery

Picture 6As an active partner in the DRAPE (Digital Raster Acquisition Project - Eastern Ontario) Initiative, the County of Frontenac obtained true colour, 20 cm resolution orthophoto imagery. The imagery provides invaluable information and supports multiple GIS applications throughout the County. This high resolution imagery is also available on the interactive web mapping site.