Regional Frontenac Brand

Frontenac County Council has launched a region-wide brand to define Frontenac and showcase diversity. This is not a traditional corporate brand, it is a tool to foster a sense of place and grow the reputation of Frontenac as a desirable place to live, visit, and do business. The branding package combines a logo that mirrors the landscapes, a customizable tagline, and photographs taken exclusively "In Frontenac". 


The tagline: In Frontenac

"In Frontenac" is the base for the tagline system that helps
define Frontenac while showcasing diversity. The system allows for customization; for people with a vested interest in Frontenac
to make it their own. If you are interested in using the tagline in your marketing efforts, please contact Alison Vandervelde, Community Development Officer: or
613-548-9400 ext 330.

Meanwhile, the simplicity of "In Frontenac" allows for
easy and effective application via social media by
using #InFrontenac. 

Hashtag In Frontenac

Please help grow Frontenac's story of adventure and community
by sharing your experiences on social media.


The crest

The crest

Historically, crests symbolize families, and here it represents the Frontenac community. 

This specific shape inspires adventure; this is a crest that can be sewn on backpacks the same way many Canadians wear the Canadian flag when travelling abroad.

The thing that unifies us, along with our heritage and our future, is the land. The diversity of forests, Canadian Shield, farmland, and lakes are represented here. The trees are symbolic of the four townships in Frontenac County. The clear sky represents fresh air and dark skies. The maple leaf speaks to our proud Canadian Heritage. 

Understanding the logo


Business Logo above Proudly Located In Frontenac Tagline

     Hand Crafted in Frontenac Tagline on Jar

  Frontenac County Banner       Frontenac County Banner