Building Cultural and Social Sustainability

A society that respects its diverse cultural roots and supports the social needs of its various members is a strong society. It is more resilient to challenging social ailments that could otherwise have a profound impact on its future.

The friendly inhabitants of Frontenac County welcome back a diverse group of tourists and summer residents each year. People are attracted to the never ending opportunities to explore pristine natural beauty and interact with the diverse land and hundreds of waterways that make this area famous.

The natural beauty in Frontenac County also attracts and inspires a vibrant artistic community. Their work is showcased each year during the various studio tours that offer not only artistic beauty but lovely country drives as well.

Such cultural and recreational opportunities are a valued part of our healthy community, and numerous annual events, fundraisers, and gatherings celebrate the region’s local talent and heritage.

Through continuing efforts to support and develop social initiatives and cultural events, the County of Frontenac is dedicated to promoting an equitable, diverse and democratic place to live.

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