About Us

Corporate Services

"Our mission is to efficiently and measurably deliver excellent services, recognized as an employer of choice with dedicated and capable staff, adding value in all areas of service delivery, while simultaneously working to strengthen the capacity of the local municipalities we represent."

We are working to achieve this mission by:

  • Providing effective and cost-efficient planning, policy, finance and human resource services on behalf of County ratepayers, and
  • To effectively represent and communicate the collective interests and concerns of the Townships to senior levels of government.

We manage all centralized operations of the County of Frontenac, Fairmount Home, and Frontenac Paramedic Service, under the direction of Frontenac County Council, in order to provide County ratepayers with responsible, efficient and co-operative service in the following areas, as mandated by the Province:

As of January 2004, the County of Frontenac is the direct delivery agent for the operation and management of Land Ambulance Services

Fairmount Home, an accredited 128-bed long-term care facility, serves both the County of Frontenac and the City of Kingston. The home offers modernized comfort, an enhanced homey atmosphere and high quality resident service based on our Gentle Care philosophy.

We manage the operations of the Howe Island Ferry, a cable-driven ferry owned by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, running on demand 24 hours a day.

The County of Frontenac is the delegated authority for plans of subdivision, plans of condominium and part lot control applications in the four Townships. County planning staff process these applications and review comments from agencies and members of the public. Once applications have gone through the review process, County staff make recommendations to County Council for draft and final approval of the plans.

We actively participate in the development and delivery of the Local Service Realignment (LSR) Agreement between the County of Frontenac and the City of Kingston to ensure fair and equitable access to Social Programs and Services such as Social Housing, Ontario Works, Child Care, Provincial Offences Court and Land Ambulance Services. The Rural/Urban Liaison Advisory Committee (RULAC) comprised of elected representatives from County Council and City Council, meets at least quarterly to discuss issues relating to LSR services.

We also take a leadership role in stimulating economic development through our strategic planning and development initiatives and are committed to promoting responsible and sustainable development throughout the County of Frontenac.

Frontenac County Corporate Services Organization Chart