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Studies & Projects

Private Roads (Lanes) Study 2016

The purpose of this Study is to undertake a County-wide assessment of the existing private lanes system in the County of Frontenac; to recommend a planning framework that can be used to best manage these lanes; to promote lane improvements, and to provide planning policies for Township Official Plans to act as a guide for future development on private lanes Click here for the Private Roads (Lanes) Study Final Report and Recommendations 

Watson Report 2014 - Population, Housing and Employment Projections for the Frontenacs: 2011 to 2036 

County Council approved funding to update population and growth projections for the County and Townships as part of the 2013 budget. The population and growth projections will support a number of initiatives in Sustainable Actions and assist with long-range planning for a variety of departments and organizations.
Watson & Associates Economists Limited was retained to revise their work from 2011. As they did previously, Watson reviewed background information including development applications, Official Plan policies, building permits, MPAC information and other data, as well as a significant amount of data from Statistics Canada. This background information was used to produce estimates for changes in population and demographics projections from 2011 to 2036.

Click here to view the Watson Report 2014: Population, Housing and Employment Projections for the Frontenacs: 2011 to 2036 

County of Frontenac Natural Heritage Study

The Natural Heritage Study (NHS) is a comprehensive evaluation of natural heritage features such as wetlands, forest cover, and wildlife habitat at a regional scale across the County, and includes the mapping of a connected system of these features. The mapping is accompanied with policy recommendations that can be used by planners to protect significant natural features from development. This comprehensive regional review of natural heritage mapping and policies set a foundation for the natural heritage policies of the first draft of the County Official Plan.

Click here to view the Natural Heritage Study and Mapping (25 megabyte file)