Occupational Health

Occupational Health is dedicated to the relationship between the worker and their work environment.  The Occupational Health Nurse (OHN) provides leadership and advice in support of injury prevention, disability management, return to work, health and safety policy and program development and legislative compliance. At the County of Frontenac the OHN is available onsite to provide services to all levels of County staff at Fairmount Home, Frontenac Paramedic Services, Marine Services and Corporate Services. The Occupational Health Nurse is a resource and support for Infection Prevention and Control Practices. Services are provided to Township staff on request.


Clinical Services

Staff is welcome to drop in to the OHN at any time for a confidential consultation, referral or fundamental clinical assessment.  The OHN can provide direction and resources to staff on a variety of health topics and liaise with physicians and diagnostic clinics to expedite appointments for staff on request. Staff experiencing illness at work may be assessed and assisted by the OHN.

Wellness Team

The Wellness Team organizes several fun activities in the workplace throughout the year. The annual staff Easter Egg Hunt is a favourite.  There is an onsite Wellness Room for staff use, equipped with a treadmill, elliptical, weight station and audio-visual equipment for floor routines.  The Roger Candy Memorial Park is a 1 km paved, scenic walking trail adjacent to the County buildings. Urban poles are available to staff if they are interested in a more vigorous outing.

Healthy eating, weight management and health screening programs are sometimes offered on site. 

Injury & Illness Prevention

Preventing workplace injuries is a priority for Occupational Health.  The prevention program includes ergonomic assessments, education, and use of best practice models to prevent injuries. Staff who do become injured are readily accommodated so they can return to work as soon as possible.

Health & Safety

Occupational Health provides training to all County staff to ensure compliance with applicable legislation such as the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Ministry of Labour direction. The OHN works closely with the joint health and safety committees.

Employee Assistance Program

The County provides contracted Employee Assistance Program services to its staff and their families. Staff is encouraged to use this support during times of life transitions or challenges. The services are provided by a professional, off site staff and are completely confidential.