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If you’re interested in becoming a Frontenac Ambassador, 
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Let's Work Together

In Frontenac, there’s a growing group of local business owners who are committed to working together to support each other and build up the region. They are known as Frontenac Ambassadors.

Frontenac Ambassadors know that they can achieve so much more if they work together. The Frontenac Ambassador program is the headquarters for business collaboration in Frontenac. It’s a community where grassroots initiatives arise, grow and thrive.

Ambassadors come from all types of industries, and represent all sizes of business—everything from side hustles to dynamic million dollar operations. They’re all different and they’re all doing business in Frontenac.

And that means they share more than just geography. Frontenac Ambassadors personify a fierce entrepreneurial spirit, a dedication to doing right by their customers, and a commitment to improving this place we call home.

The Network & Benefits

The Frontenac Ambassador Network is free to join and there is no membership contract. We’ve been running the network since
2016 and it includes more than 170 members.

There Are a Few Things We Look for In New Ambassadors

  1. Your business needs to be in operation: The Frontenac Economic Development team can connect you to resources if you’re planning to launch a business and we will get you into the network once you’re up and running.
  2. Your business needs to be located in Frontenac: We love collaborating across borders when it benefits our stakeholders. If you’re outside of Frontenac, we can’t call you an Ambassador, but we’d still like to work together.
  3. Your business needs to be interested in working together: Our entire region really benefits when Ambassadors work together to create something that’s bigger than the sum of its parts.

If This Sounds Like You, You’ll Enjoy Some Cool Perks as a Frontenac Ambassador

  • Opportunities for collaboration, business support and early invitations to participate in new initiatives
  • Regular communication with Frontenac County Economic Development team via email newsletter
  • Invitations to Ambassador-only networking events
  • Access to the custom tagline system and other co-branding initiatives 
  • Opportunities to be featured on, our social media channels, and in other digital marketing initiatives
  • Connection to a network of like- minded business-people, excited to engage and create new opportunities

10 things you can do on your first day as a Frontenac Ambassador

  1. Fix a “Proudly Located in Frontenac” window cling to your store front
  2. Add a customized tagline to your website, product labels, invoices, business cards, signage and other promotional material
  3. Request product labels (“Proudly Made in Frontenac”) and start putting them on all your products
  4. Contribute to Frontenac’s online story of community and adventure by using the hashtag #inFrontenac
  5. Follow, share and comment on others’ posts that include #inFrontenac
  6. Join the Frontenac Ambassador Network Facebook Group
  7. Keep an eye on your email inbox for the next Frontenac Ambassador monthly email newsletter
  8. Get familiar with the Frontenac brand story and start telling people you live and work in Frontenac
  9. Get to know other Frontenac Ambassadors by reading their Success Stories on
  10. Other ideas? Let’s get creative…

Getting Started

If you’re interested in becoming a Frontenac Ambassador, click here to join the community

Fill out the brief form and you’ll hear back from a member of the Frontenac Economic Development Team within a few days.

Check out some other resources

Take a look at the Frontenac Ambassador Handbook for more context and inspiration.

Read the Economic Development Charter to get a better understanding of the priorities that drive our work.


Find a list of Frontenac Ambassadors in the Business Directory.


Documents available upon request by completing document request form here. If you require in accessible format please let us know.