Township of Frontenac Islands has activated its Emergency Response Plan

Posted on Tuesday May 16, 2017

The Township of Frontenac Islands has activated its Emergency Response Plan and filed a Declaration of Emergency with the Province, to assist in protecting the health, safety, welfare and property of our citizens.

Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River are already at a historic high, and in anticipation of an additional increase in water levels coupled with the possibility of increasing westerly winds and wave uprush, a Declared Flooding Emergency will be put in place. When traveling through locations where water is over the road, please proceed very slowly and with caution.

To assist in diverting water from your property, the Township has an available supply of sand bags and sand at the Public Works Garages on both Wolfe and Howe Islands. Residents in need of sandbags can fill bags to use on their properties. Bring your own shovel. If erosion of the shoreline is a concern, placement of sand bags may assist with keeping the soil in place. Please monitor your sump pumps and have alternate means of power available.

Ferry operations on both the Simcoe Islander and Township Howe Islander are being closely monitored. Should water levels rise much higher there is a possibility that Township ferry operations may cease until water levels drop. Wolfe Islander III and Frontenac County Ferries are not at risk at this time.

The Township’s Public Works Department has been reinforcing roads. For example, 600 tons of rock has been used to stabilize Reed’s Bay Road. A benefit of declaring an emergency is that Provincial and Federal Governments can be called in to assist, should our staff not be able to keep up with the excess demands created by this emergency.

Document any damages incurred with photos and keep receipts for expenses as a result of any flooding which may occur on your property. If the Ministry of Housing determines this to be a zone eligible for Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians (DRAO), these documents will be necessary.

It is important that you and your family should be ready to care for yourselves for a minimum of 72 hours.

In declaring an emergency, volunteers may be called upon to assist municipal resources. To ensure they are covered under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, those interested in volunteering are to register at the Municipal Offices.

Please read the important information from KFL&A Public Health on the reverse of this document. We strongly encourage you to test your drinking water. Test bottles can be picked up at either township office and returned to the office for pickup by the Health Unit.

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