Frontenac County published 2016 Accessibility Status Report

Posted On Friday November 25, 2016

Report includes photos of accessibility accomplishments in member municipalities

Glenburnie, ON – The County of Frontenac published its 2016 Accessibility Status Report this week. The report was produced by the Frontenac Accessibility Advisory Committee (FAAC) and has the subtitle Bringing Accessibility Awareness to your Location.

The 2016 Accessibility Status Report contains several colour photos with examples of increased accessibility in the County and its member municipalities. Amongst the improvements it lists the Clarendon Miller Hall, the Parham playground and ballfield and the South Frontenac Museum to name a few.

“The efforts put forth by each of the County’s member municipalities ensures that persons with disabilities are able to live and participate independently in their community,” said FAAC Chair Neil Allen. “There are so many great things to be a part of, and participate in, in Frontenac County and it’s important that everyone has a chance to do so,” Allen said.

In the report, the FAAC states that it provided input and recommendations for the County of Frontenac’s Age Friendly Community Action Plan and reviewed site plans for the Mountain Grove Public Library and the Township of Central Frontenac Municipal Office.

Each year, the FAAC hands out the Frontenac County Access Award. Nominations for the 2016 award are currently being reviewed and the winner will be announced at the December 21 Frontenac County Council meeting in Glenburnie.

The 2016 Accessibility Status Report is available at