Frontenac Paramedic Services installs FAST stroke decals on ambulances

Posted On Friday November 30, 2018

Collaboration with Heart & Stroke expands reach of FAST campaign

GLENBURNIE – Time is critical when someone is having a stroke. That's why Frontenac Paramedic Services have partnered with Heart & Stroke to install FAST decals on its ambulances. The signs are there to urge people to call 911 right away if they suspect someone is having a stroke.

FAST stands for:
Face: is it drooping?
Arms: can you raise both?
Speech: is it slurred or jumbled?
Time: to call 911 right away!

A stroke happens when blood stops flowing to any part of the brain, damaging brain cells. The effects of a stroke depend on the part of the brain that is damaged and the amount of damage done.

In 2017, Frontenac paramedics responded to 229 stroke calls. Of those calls, 124 were women and 105 were men. Only nine of the 2017 stroke patients were under 50 years of age and the other 220 were older. In 2018, Frontenac paramedics responded to 182 stroke calls so far (until October 31). 

“We want to make sure that everyone knows the signs of a stroke and what to do when they witness or experience one," said Marc Goudie, Deputy Chief of Performance Standards for Frontenac Paramedic Services. "Time is really of the essence when it comes to strokes so call 911 immediately," Goudie said.

Heart & Stroke Director of Ontario Mission, Karen Trainoff, is delighted to expand the reach of the FAST campaign through this partnership with Frontenac Paramedic Services. “We know that public awareness increases in communities that have FAST decals on their vehicles. We are pleased to know that people will be reminded of the FAST signs of stroke every time they see a Frontenac Paramedic Services ambulance.”

"Our objective is to ensure that all Canadians, no matter where they live or how old they are, know and remember the FAST signs of stroke," she said.

Stroke is the leading cause of adult long-term disability in Ontario and the third leading cause of death. 13,000 Canadians die of stroke each year and 405,000 Canadians live with its effects.

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