County of Frontenac Strategic Plan online

Posted On Wednesday August 14, 2019

The County of Frontenac 2019 - 2022 Strategic Plan is now available online. It was adopted by Council at the June 19 meeting.

The Strategic Plan provides comprehensive direction for the County and guides how it will accomplish key priorities in need of special attention, effort or resources over the current term of Council.

Three key strategic priorities are identified in the plan along with various other priorities, recommendations as well as a new vision and mission statement.

The County of Frontenac will now develop specific work plans that respond to its future challenges and opportunities and translate the strategic priorities outlined above into ongoing activities and initiatives.

The strategy plan development process was launched in January 2019 with a commissioning session with County Council members. Initial ideas, interests and concerns were further explored through background research, reviewing reports, business plans and related documents and a planning workshop with senior County staff. This was followed by public consultation meetings in the four township of North, Central and South Frontenac and Frontenac Islands. Extensive online input was also received in response to a community survey promoted in all four townships, which more than 210 responses, including 71 from seasonal residents.

A Strategic Plan highlight sheet is also available online.