Frontenac County Council proclaims February Therapeutic Recreation Month

Posted On Wednesday February 21, 2024

Whereas Therapeutic Recreation is a collaborative and purposeful process facilitated by trained professionals offering recreation and leisure assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation to achieve individual goals;

And Whereas Therapeutic Recreation supports the development of strengths while addressing social, emotional, physical, spiritual and cognitive needs;

And Whereas Therapeutic Recreation is provided by trained professionals who work with individuals including older adults in clinical and/or community settings, such as Long-Term Care Homes including Fairmount Home;

And Whereas the benefits of Therapeutic Recreation include a decrease in responsive behaviours, loneliness, boredom and depression, and improvements in overall Quality of Life and Wellbeing and cognitive abilities;

Now Therefore Be It Resolved That the Council of the County of Frontenac hereby proclaims the month of February as Therapeutic Recreation Month, with the theme of " Connection, Celebration, and Continued Education " to showcase the many roles that Therapeutic Recreation play in a patient’s health-care journey.


Learn more about the Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association and Therapeutic Recreation Month here ->