Frontenac County Council Proclamation: Personal Support Worker Day May 19

Posted On Friday May 19, 2023

Personal Support Worker (PSW) Day

May 19, 2023

Whereas the Canadian PSW Network promotes support and advocacy for PSWs across Ontario that offers support for mental health, education, resources and strength to our community’s most invaluable PSWs;

And Whereas the Canadian PSW Network advocates that PSWs are the ones who take care of our community’s seniors and most vulnerable every day while they live, work and raise their own families;

And Whereas The Canadian PSW Network takes action to improve the PSWs access to affordable education, resources and increased awareness to the public of the importance of the role that the PSW plays in our communities in the care of our community’s loved ones;

And Whereas the Canadian PSW Network actively encourages everyone to join in recognizing the monumental importance of the Personal Support Workers who provide the utmost of care, respect and dignity to our community’s most vulnerable and acknowledge that the work and services they provide selflessly every day are truly invaluable, especially during the current crisis they are faced with in this Global Pandemic;

Now Therefore Be It Resolved That the Council of the County of Frontenac hereby proclaims May 19, 2023 to be “Personal Support Worker (PSW) Day” in the County of Frontenac.

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