Joe Gallivan
Director of Planning and Economic Development

2069 Battersea Road
Glenburnie, Ontario
K0H 1S0

Phone 613 548-9400 ext 350


Application Process, Forms and Fees

For information regarding applications for subdivisions and vacant land condominiums please contact Reid Shepherd
Community Planner
County of Frontenac
2069 Battersea Road
Glenburnie ON K0H 1S0
Phone 613.548.9400 extension 359

Land Use Planning Tariff of Fees

Subdivisions/Condominiums Initial Application Fee

For any proposed plan of subdivision submitted to the County of Frontenac for approval:

  •  Up to 20 developable lots/blocks/units $3,000.
  • 21 to 50 developable lots/blocks/units $4,500.
  • More than 50 developable lots/blocks/units $6,000.


Sixty per cent (60%) of the Initial Application Fee shall be returned if an application is rejected by the County of Frontenac as being deemed incomplete or is withdrawn prior to circulation.

Revision Fees

  • Major Plan Revision (re-circulation) $1,250.
  • Minor Revision or Emergency Extension $500.

For minor revisions to the draft plan and/or draft conditions, which do not require major re-circulation.

Draft Approval Extension

For each one (1) year extension of draft approval beyond the usual three (3) years draft approval. $500.

Final Plans for Registration $ 600.

Condominiums Exemption

Application Fee $1,000.

For any plan of condominium submitted to the County of Frontenac for exemption under Section 50 of The Condominium Act, R.S.O. 1990, Cc26, as amended.

Part Lot Control

Final Approval $ 300.

Payable prior to the by-law being given final approval by the County of Frontenac

Official Plan Amendment

County Official Plan Amendment ................................................ $1,000
County or Local Official Plan Amendment Initiated by Municipality ...... No fee

Other Charges

The applicant shall provide the County of Frontenac, upon request, a deposit against which the County may, from time to time, charge any professional fees and expenses incurred related to peer review. If such fees and expenses exceed the deposit, the Applicant shall pay the difference upon being billed by the County with interest at a rate of 1.25% per month on accounts overdue more than thirty (30) days.

Click here to access Schedule "B" to By-law No. 2013-0010.

Municipal Planning Services Fees

Preparation of all planning reports associated with a private application
Director of Planning and Economic Development $65.00/hour
Community Planner $40/hour

Other Agency Review Fees

Please contact the following agencies directly for details on their review process and confirmation of fees.

Fees for other agencies should be made payable to the appropriate agency. The cheques may be submitted with the application to the County, which will circulate them to the appropriate agency upon the application being deemed complete.